Stop Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It is often transnational in character and its victims are of both genders and all ages. Forms of trafficking: sexual exploitation, labor exploitation, debt bondage, forced marriage, phony adoption, forced begging, forced participation in criminal activities, trafficking in body organs. We will provide assistance in all directions.

We provide assistance to victims of human trafficking and women forced into prostitution. We will provide free legal assistance throughout the criminal proceedings. We provide security = sheltered accommodation incl. provision of psychological crisis-intervention assistance, primary health and social assistance, etc.



Cancer is a disease from which a huge number of people are dying... More than a hundred types of cancer have been diagnosed so far... Scientists still do not understand
how and why cancer actually occurs... And if you know the cause, you know what to do about it... Cancer, or tumour disease, is a diverse group of illnesses whose common feature is that a population of the body's own cells grows out of control and begins to
grow relatively autonomously, although under normal circumstances the cells are able to detect and repair their mutation, or at least self-degrade eventually...

If cancer is not stopped, it will become, within a few years, the leading cause of death worldwide. My goal is to stop cancer completely. To cure and regenerate those who already have it. It's not science fiction - it's reality. The outcome on individuals has always been successful. My goal is not the individual, but the whole. I've been working on this project for over 10 years because cancer has affected someone very close to me. So, I was forced by these circumstances. Over time, it has affected other people that are close to me... and it's all been successful. To use only money from my own resources, would have taken me another ten years or even more to complete the project on a global scale... And because I know how - I would like to realize the project as soon as possible and not waste any more time.